Stratio Release 1.3

Stratio manager new features

Added Datavis technology
Added SparkSQL Connector for Crossdata
Added the possibility to add new services in installed nodes
Added multi user managment.
Added role-based access control
Added updating services process
UX improvement

Available Technologies 1.3

Stratio Cassandra
MongoDB 2.6.6
Elasticsearch 1.3.2
HDFS 2.6.0
Apache Mesos 0.20.1
Apache Kafka 2.10-
Apache Zookeeper 3.4.6
Apache Spark 1.3.1
Chef Server 11.0.11
Chef Client 11.16.4
Stratio Streaming 0.6.2
Stratio Crossdata 0.3.3
Stratio Ingestion 0.3.1
Stratio Connector Cassandra 0.3.3
Stratio Connector Elasticsearch 0.4.1
Stratio Connector MongoDB 0.4.1
Stratio Connector Streaming 0.3.0
Stratio Connector HDFS 0.4.3
Stratio Connector SparkSQL 0.1.4
Stratio Datavis 0.5.0

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