The Big Things 2019 Experience

When you hear about a conference rebranded as Big Things, several different scenarios likely cross your mind. Just about everything fits in the Big Things box… However, once you step foot into the conference, with the largest cinema in the world playing host, you immediately know what it is all about. 

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This post shows how to solve a recurrent problem when using highly-available virtual routers in AWS: floating IPs.

This approach uses a python script for the new master router to claim an EC2 Secondary private IP in the failovering transition.

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Ernst & Young LLP and Stratio form an alliance to help enterprises use AI

Ernst & Young LLP and Stratio BD Inc. form an alliance to help enterprises use artificial intelligence to transform their organizations
  • Alliance focuses on helping organizations integrate artificial intelligence into every transaction, so processes across organizations learn in real-time
  • Offers significant disruption, as businesses of all sizes can transform into technology organizations powered by data and artificial intelligence

New Machine Learning Algorithm for Breast Cancer Detection

Artificial intelligence (AI) is very quickly expanding in the healthcare industry. AI’s primary role has been to automate processes to make it easier for employees to work on more complex people-related concerns. Yet as the technology develops, Healthcare Central reports that AI is also being used as a diagnostic tool. With a faster, more accurate way of detecting illnesses, and administering treatments, the mortality rate could be significantly reduced. This includes the treatment of conditions like cancer.

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Discover the 3 most-read posts on our blog

Since Stratio’s creation in 2014, we have posted a total of 86 posts on our blog. We would like to congratulate and thank all those Stratians who have written their posts and taught us about their specialities and discoveries in relation to Spark, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Scala, business, Kafka… We know that is hard to find time to read all of the blog posts, so here you have a recap of the 3 most-read posts published on our blog!

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Swarm Intelligence Metaheuristics, part 2: Particle Swarm Optimization

Welcome back to our series on Swarm Intelligence Metaheuristics for Optimization! In part 1, we talked about a family of metaheuristic algorithms known generically as Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), which were specially well-suited for combinatorial optimization problems, i.e. finding the best combination of values of many categorical variables. Recall we define Metaheuristics as a class of optimization algorithms which turn out to be very useful when the function being optimized is non-differentiable or does not have an analytical expression at all.

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Stratio secures a €13m Series B round led by Adara Ventures bringing on-board new investor GP Bullhound

Madrid, 21 September 2018 – Today Stratio has announced the closing of a €13m Series B round led by Adara Ventures with the participation of new investor GP Bullhound. The funds raised will go toward the continued evolution of the Stratio Big Data product suite while accelerating the growth of their software subscription business internationally.

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Wild Data Part 3: Transfer Learning

Did you know that the word “hippopotamus” is a word of Greek origin? Hippos- comes from “horse” and -potamos means “river”. The funny thing here would be to imagine when Greeks run into this animal for the very first time. There was not a word for every single animal around the world, so they probably thought something like “what a strange horse…!!! Maybe the river has something to do with it. Got it! It will be a hippo-potamus!”

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