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Today we celebrate the International Happiness Day and in these crazy times of emergency it is now necessary more than ever to focus on the habits that remind us that there are always things to celebrate. Learn all the benefits of the famous LOL and laugh out loud!

Corporate Culture are the values and beliefs the company has and it determines how employees interact outside business concerns. Culture is as important as business and work, because it’s what brings happiness to company’s employees. Learn more about Stratio’s culture!

Did you miss Big Things Conference 2019? 2000+ Attendees, 35 Sponsors, 92 Talks, 120 Speakers… Discover all details about the conference and everything about Stratio’s presence in this blog post!

Discover how to solve the recurrent problem of floating IPs when using highly-available virtual routers in AWS. This approach will show how the new master router can claim an EC2 Secondary private IP in the failovering transition.

AI is very quickly expanding in the healthcare industry. Its primary role has been to automate processes to make it easier for employees to work on more complex people-related concerns. Yet as the technology develops, some reports have shown that AI is also being used as a diagnostic tool.