Ernst & Young LLP and Stratio form an alliance to help enterprises use AI

Ernst & Young LLP and Stratio BD Inc. form an alliance to help enterprises use artificial intelligence to transform their organizations
  • Alliance focuses on helping organizations integrate artificial intelligence into every transaction, so processes across organizations learn in real-time
  • Offers significant disruption, as businesses of all sizes can transform into technology organizations powered by data and artificial intelligence

New Machine Learning Algorithm for Breast Cancer Detection

Artificial intelligence (AI) is very quickly expanding in the healthcare industry. AI’s primary role has been to automate processes to make it easier for employees to work on more complex people-related concerns. Yet as the technology develops, Healthcare Central reports that AI is also being used as a diagnostic tool. With a faster, more accurate way of detecting illnesses, and administering treatments, the mortality rate could be significantly reduced. This includes the treatment of conditions like cancer.

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Wild Data Part 3: Transfer Learning

Did you know that the word “hippopotamus” is a word of Greek origin? Hippos- comes from “horse” and -potamos means “river”. The funny thing here would be to imagine when Greeks run into this animal for the very first time. There was not a word for every single animal around the world, so they probably thought something like “what a strange horse…!!! Maybe the river has something to do with it. Got it! It will be a hippo-potamus!”

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Wild Data Part 2: Transfer Style

This is the second post of our Wild Data series. In this post, we are going to expose how to transfer style from one image to another. Here, the most interesting point is to know that we won’t use a neural network to classify a set of classes as usual. I mean, we don’t need to train a network for a specific approach. Transfer style is based on pre-trained networks such as it could be a VGG19 trained with ImageNet (one million of images). Thus, a good understanding of transfer style will help you to better understand how convolutional neural networks works for vision. Let’s go on!

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Cooking ML Models

Have you ever watched the cooking teaching shows? You have probably noticed that chefs have usually already all the ingredients separated and chopped. A chef probably will be more useful and creative cooking rather than spending time peeling and chopping potatoes, even though it is still important in the recipe. Likewise, a data scientist will be more useful and creative building models rather than spending time with data preprocessing. In this way, where a chef would prepare exquisite delicacies a data scientist prepares succulent models.

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Putting value at the core of your business: Data-driven vs Data-centric

A data-driven or data-centric company?

We’re always hearing technology companies claim that the future lies in becoming a data-driven organisation: “Five steps to becoming a data-driven company”, “Build a data-driven business”, “Becoming a data-driven enterprise takes dedication”, “Apache Hadoop and big data platforms for a data-driven enterprise.”…

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Big Data Spain 2017

Big Data Spain is one of the three largest conferences of its kind in Europe. The conference focuses primarily on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technologies and Digital Transformation. #BDS17 will take place this very 15, 16 and 17 of November right here in sunny Madrid. So, don´t miss out because there is going to be a treasure trove of prolific speakers such as Paco Nathan, Jim Webber and Phillip Krenn.

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